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"When I think crunch-fusion with class like I like it, I think Hugh Ferguson when he's really blowin'! Good stuff , 100 hours a day!"
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - John W. Patterson, Editor -

hugh ferguson

The “Gods of Righteous Riffage” were smiling during the recording of Hugh Ferguson's magical jazz-rock CD, A.D.D. The moment the first track 300 Miles starts, you can tell that Hugh is a Jedi Master of guitar. Roger Carter on drums and Brian Wright on bass complement Hugh's playing and compositions perfectly. They have the musical chops to be aggressive and yet selfless at the same time. Each composition and performance on A.D.D. is a picture-perfect example of what fusion is about. I especially enjoyed the arco strings during Spiders, which created a vibe like Allan Holdsworth playing on The Beatles Sergeant Pepper album. Alex Machacek shines as a guest guitarist on Total Distraction and is a brilliant fit with Hugh, Roger, and Brian... ..A.D.D. review

In the tradition of the great electric fusion guitarists, Hugh Ferguson's tone and technique are similar to the best around, and as each song passes the music seems to expose yet another facet to his playing. He shows a great sense for grooves, setting his band in motion with highly memorable melodies, and a hardedged fusion style. It becomes very apparent in listening to Ferguson that he has payed homage to the likes of McLaughlin, Gambale, Beck, and whether he'd acknowledge it or not, I can hear some Connors, Holdsworth or Garseds' legato swing in certain songs.......Jungle review

Hugh has been playing Jazz-Rock fusion since the mid 70s. Featured in Guitar Player Magazine in 1982, Hugh soon became a popular jazz fusion guitarist in the Boston area and taught privatly at the Berklee School Of Music. Hugh also gained notoriety when his band MR Wizard opened for such acts as Allan Holdsworth and Til' Tuesday. Since his move to Los Angeles in 1986 Hugh has toured with Graham Nash, where he had the pleasure to play with David Crosby and Stephen Stills.

During the 90s Hugh played and recorded some rock projects and also became a manufacturing / computer engineer while raising his three sons.

Jazz Fusion has always been Hugh's passion, so in 2000 Hugh got back to work writing the music he really loves and recorded his first fusion CD "The Jungle". Hugh has recently opened for such artists as Larry Carlton, Al Dimeola and Spyro Gyra.




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